Our next Volunteer Orientation Training will be held on:

T. B. A.


Please contact Niki if you would like to join this Training Session


To help expedite the morning, please have the following forms filled out upon arrival. If you have filled them out previously, please fill them out once more and bring them with you. In an effort to keep everyone organized, we will be filing our volunteer forms differently.

Thank you







Volunteers are very important to Red Skye. We welcome all forms of volunteering- some you may not even think of! If you think you could donate your time to Red Skye please contact Niki at: [email protected] or call (203) 891-6787 between 9AM and 6PM.

Red Skye has many different areas to volunteer your time. Whether it be in the barn with the horses, paperwork in the office, lawn maintenance and snow shoveling, PR and advertising, etc. As a potential volunteer you can set up an appointment with Niki to discuss how you can help. From there you would go on a tour of the farm and fill out our Volunteer Application for Review. Any work around the farm and with the horses will require you to be able to lift at least 50lbs and involves moderate physical activity. Please make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of the role you apply for. Minimum suggested age for a volunteer is 14.


Qualities of a Red Skye Volunteer

  • Volunteers should be able to work independently with minimal staff supervision
  • Individuals should be available for 2+ hours a week, the same day and time each week.
  • Volunteers should have a good attitude and be interested in furthering their education and being a team player.