About Us

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight

This ancient mariners’ rhyme refers to the particular color of the evening sky that predicts clear sailing.  (Follow link above for more detail)

The staff at Red Skye interprets this to mean, everyone should have a stronger, happier, better tomorrow.

At Red Skye we strive to make every person a stronger and smarter horseman. We do not focus solely on riding, but the all around care of our animals. Students big and small help in the barn to feed, take care of, and prepare our animals for the jobs they need to do. We encourage all students to arrive prior to their lesson to help get their horse ready, and to stay later to help un-tack and brush their horse afterward.

Safety is paramount

All students should be having fun when at the barn, but we try to instill safe practices around the farm so that all the fun can be worry free. Students and volunteers alike are told farm rules and what is expected of them. When in the barn and around animals, our staff is always aware of what is going on so that all experiences are positive, educational, and FUN!