Baby is Finally Here!!!

Finally!! I am very happy to announce that the baby has finally arrived! Darma went into labor around 6:30 on Mother’s Day and by 7:00 we had a new baby Mini Donkey! Claire and Niki were there to see almost the whole thing and said that Darma had no problem at all and took care of everything. Darma seems like she is a great Mom. She keeps a close eye on her new baby boy and makes sure he is always safe. The first day they came out, the baby was so little and cute, everyone wanted to say hello. I think it was a little overwhelming because Darma let everyone know that it was too soon to get so close and to stay back. Little by little everyone got to say hello and smell him, and now they all get to hang out together. Because we have all been talking about the name of the baby for so long it took a few days to decide, but Claire and Niki said that from the beginning BOGO was the favorite name so it was meant to be.
Feel free to check out Darma and BOGO when you come for a visit, lesson, or therapy session. He is so little and full of energy- people are always telling me how cute he is. And stay up to date on the website and our facebook page to see all of the cute pictures and videos of BOGO.


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