Hug a Horse- a huge success

Hi Guys,
I wanted to let everyone know that our Hug- A- Horse event on Memorial day was a HUGE success! I met so many new people and everyone was interested in something different. We got a few people looking for volunteer opportunities, a few looking for information on team building, some looking for therapy, and others looking at riding lessons. I think that my wonderful pony charm even won over a few new girls for our summer program starting in June! Overall everything was awesome- we didn’t even have enough room for all of the cars to park! I am still a little jealous that BOGO got his picture in the news article and not me, but I guess it’s ok- he is pretty cute.
Hope everyone can come to the next one. Stay up to date so you don’t miss out!

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 5.10.05 PM

Baby is Finally Here!!!

Finally!! I am very happy to announce that the baby has finally arrived! Darma went into labor around 6:30 on Mother’s Day and by 7:00 we had a new baby Mini Donkey! Claire and Niki were there to see almost the whole thing and said that Darma had no problem at all and took care of everything. Darma seems like she is a great Mom. She keeps a close eye on her new baby boy and makes sure he is always safe. The first day they came out, the baby was so little and cute, everyone wanted to say hello. I think it was a little overwhelming because Darma let everyone know that it was too soon to get so close and to stay back. Little by little everyone got to say hello and smell him, and now they all get to hang out together. Because we have all been talking about the name of the baby for so long it took a few days to decide, but Claire and Niki said that from the beginning BOGO was the favorite name so it was meant to be.
Feel free to check out Darma and BOGO when you come for a visit, lesson, or therapy session. He is so little and full of energy- people are always telling me how cute he is. And stay up to date on the website and our facebook page to see all of the cute pictures and videos of BOGO.


   IMG_6358   IMG_6379

Where is the baby?!

Hey everyone! What awesome weather we are having! I love being able to have my window open at night and go out in the big field during the day to run around and eat some yummy grass.
I am sure you are all wondering what is going on with the baby so I’ll tell you- nothing. Still have not had the baby but Darma is supposed to deliver any day now! (I know I said that before) Claire and Niki keep telling me that we will have a baby soon but I don’t know, I’m not seeing anything! I will make sure to let everyone know as soon as I hear about it, so make sure to check back every day so you don’t miss the announcement!

On a separate note, has everyone signed up for the Summer Program? I hear it’s going to be better than last year. More arts and crafts, longer days, and more people. I am so excited to meet new kids… and check them out for treats.
Hope to see everyone soon! And make sure to check the blog and the facebook page often to stay up to date on what is going on around the farm!

Baby is coming!!

Hi guys!
I thought I should keep everyone updated on our mini donkeys. Everyone is doing well and has settled in nicely. I still think they look sort of funny with those big ears and little bodies, but everyone seems to like them. Darma is getting ready to have her baby soon. Claire and Niki say that she will be having her baby any day now! There are heat lamps in her stall and there is a camera in the corner of her stall so that they can keep an eye on her without having to bother her throughout the night. I am excited to see what the baby looks like and hear what it’s name will be. Have you entered a name in the contest yet? If not, get to our Facebook page and let Claire and Niki know what you think!

I will let you know when the baby arrives. See you soon!!

When is that baby coming!!!

We are all waiting anxiously for that baby to arrive. Darma is really big and uncomfortable. I can’t wait to meet the baby. I think it will be a girl.


Foal watch 2015 is in full swing!

Apparently Darma (white donkey) is very pregnant. She is due around Mother’s day. SO exciting.

Image 5


WOW! I thought I was the smallest one here. These mini-donkeys can walk under me almost! I have not really spent time face to face with them yet but I can’t wait. Brigitta is a little nervous that they are more popular than she is but that will never be true.


Zippy here- without my blanket!  So happy that spring has decided to arrive.  I can’t wait until the snow melts so I can go and play in the big paddock!’

I hope that all the kids come back soon to brush me — I sure did grow a lot of fur this winter!

Zippy Nose

Happy New Year

Hey Guys,

We hope you all enjoyed the holidays and we wish you a very happy new year.

I am not real happy with this cold weather but Brigitta and I love to stand outside in the rain so on rainy days I like the weather. Sometimes Niki tells us we have to come in. She does not want us to get cold and maybe get sick. She takes such good care of us. Brigitta and I have thick fluffy fur that keeps us warm and we have out blankets too to keep us dry. Makaday and Lance don’t like the rain. They run inside.

I check on Charmin and Mama G often and they are both happy and keep toasty warm. They really like living at Red Skye.

I tried to add a photo of me but it was not very flattering so I decided not to add it. I will try to get some pictures soon to post.

Update from Zippy

Mama G

imageHowdy Folks,

So what do you think of the weather? I don’t like it. I am much happier when it is nice and sunny but I guess we will have a lot more of this weather before spring gets here.

We have been busy at the farm. Mama G has settled in and seems happy. She likes it when I take her picture so I am including a couple photos that I took recently. I think she has a bit of an ego. Mama G and Charmin are now friends and I keep an eye on both of them.

Don’t forget, we have gift certificates for riding lessons. I think that is a great gift. I will try to write another blog before the holidays but in case I get too busy I wish everyone a very happy holiday.