Every good horseman knows that your education starts in the barn. In this program children and adults will pick an additional day separate from their lesson day to come to the barn to learn. Equine care is extremely important and our 4-legged partners can’t take care of themselves. Putting the horses’ needs before ours is something only a true horseman can understand. Each student starts at the same level and has the opportunity to test out of that level once they have learned each piece of the corresponding curriculum. Topics may include, but not limited to: health and nutrition, wound care, barn tools and use, horse tack and apparel, rider equipment and apparel. There will be a testing opportunity twice a year.

This program is open to new and current students. Contact Niki for available days and to get signed up!

Time commitment:

Students will pick one additional day per week, other than their lesson day for 2 hours.

(4-6pm on weekdays/ 10-12pm on weekends)

Proper attire for the barn:

Long pants, boots with a heel, neat/ properly fitting shirts and jackets that will not get caught on anything, gloves if cold. All students are welcome to bring a water bottle if they choose.


$150 per month with a 6 month commitment