Where is the baby?!

Hey everyone! What awesome weather we are having! I love being able to have my window open at night and go out in the big field during the day to run around and eat some yummy grass.
I am sure you are all wondering what is going on with the baby so I’ll tell you- nothing. Still have not had the baby but Darma is supposed to deliver any day now! (I know I said that before) Claire and Niki keep telling me that we will have a baby soon but I don’t know, I’m not seeing anything! I will make sure to let everyone know as soon as I hear about it, so make sure to check back every day so you don’t miss the announcement!

On a separate note, has everyone signed up for the Summer Program? I hear it’s going to be better than last year. More arts and crafts, longer days, and more people. I am so excited to meet new kids… and check them out for treats.
Hope to see everyone soon! And make sure to check the blog and the facebook page often to stay up to date on what is going on around the farm!